Bible Study

See post on Growing in God for my story on how I started doing more systematic study of the bible. As I studied, I searched the internet for resources to help me understand the bible better. I am a visual learner, so looking at maps, charts, timelines, etc helps me visualise and hence learn better. Below are some resources that I referred to.

Inductive Bible Study – please click for a quick summary.

Key Word Symbols – I tend to speed read and hence miss the deeper meaning of a verse or the word repetitions that God uses to emphasis a point. Marking key words forces me to slow down. Kari Dent of Precept Camden has very kindly shared the symbols that she uses. These are all suggestions, of course, and you can create your own symbols.

Key words symbol 1.jpg

Bible Maps – I like to see where places are in relation to each other or how far someone had to travel to get to his or her destination.


Bible Genealogy [Old Testament (right of the page) and New Testament (left of the page)] by Jim Belote – When the bible lists a person’s sons, then his sons’ sons, then his sons’ sons’ sons, etc (you get the idea!), my head began to spin and my eyes started to glaze over… so I tried to map bible genealogies to make my study come alive, but I could not get it to fit into my Microsoft Document/ Powerpoint/ Excel (I tried it all)!  Then I discovered that Jim Belote had done the hard work and had shared it online! Praise the Lord for others who love the word of God!

Bible Timelines by Rick Swartzentrover – there are so many events and people in the bible and the bible is not fully organised in a chronological order as the lives of different people or ministries of different prophets overlaps each other. Some books may chronicle the lives of different people living around the same time but written in different books. Having a timeline handy while doing my bible study allow me to see how the timing of events in one book of the bible fit in with events in other books.

Charts of the Books of the Bible  by Rick Swartzentrover – if you are doing the inductive bible study method, these charts are a great supplement once you have completed your own chapter themes.

Book of Daniel and Revelation shared by Precept Austin – transcript of Kay Arthur’s lectures.  If you are doing Precept Upon Precept on these 2 books, these transcripts may be beneficial.

Paul’s Missionary Journeys maps by J B Phillips – great to see the location of places Paul travelled to and the distance he travels each time.

Images I shared above are just samples, please visit the link for more resources.

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