Through the Bible – Introduction

Dear friend,

Our life is a journey of ups and downs, side trips, returns to the main path, discovering a different path, more ups and downs, more side trips and returns, … you get the picture.  But the one thing that will keep us moving forward is the knowledge of God.  How can we know God?  We cannot see nor touch Him, we cannot hear Him audibly on a regular basis.  One way that we can consistently find out more about Him is through His love letter to us – The Bible.

For someone who is trying get started on reading the Word it can be overwhelming.  For one it is a book with many pages with small print (depending on your version), with stories of the lives of people who lived thousands of years ago (is it really relevant to us today?), genealogy that goes on for pages,  poetry, prophecies given in imagery that we cannot make head or tail of, letters.

I came to a point in my life where I realised that my faith was not strong because I do not know God’s word.  You can read more about it here <Am I Going To Hell?>.   I am not a bible scholar nor a teacher of the word, my intention is hopefully to help you discover that the bible can help you know God better, has relevance to your life today, “normal” people like you and me can make sense of the bible (there are still parts that I do not fully understand, but my study continues and day-by-day my understanding will deepen) and to cultivate a love for His Word in you so that once you complete this first overview of the bible you will go back and to go into a deeper study of His Word.  My learning style is to get an overview of something and then go in deeper and deeper.  If I start in the details I will get lost and will not be able to find my way out.  Perhaps you are the same and this series will be helpful.   Will you come on this journey with me?

This series is meant to be read together with your bible, you have to read your bible first.  I use the New King James Version, you can go ahead and use any version that you prefer.  I will only highlight 1 or 2 obvious things per chapter, which you may have noticed as well, but as we journey together hopefully my insights which may be different from yours will help you think about the passage from a different perspective or I may point you to other resources that provides additional insights.  I would like also to hear about your insights as I am also on a journey to learn; so please share in the comments.

I will upload weekly because we should read the bible regularly and the upload is meant to be a wrap up session.  My suggestion is to read 5 chapters a week; in case something happens you have 2 catch up days but if are regular in your reading then keep going and do 7 chapters a week or do a deeper study on somethings that you did not fully understand.  If you miss more than 2 days don’t beat yourself up about it, keep going, enjoy the journey of getting to know God through His Word.  We are not in a hurry, we have our whole lives to get to know God more and more.


We should start with an understanding of what is the bible?  Please click on the link for a good overview <>.

From reading the link above we know that the bible is divided into New Testament and Old Testament and the bible has different genres. See below for an image of how each book fits under the different genres.

Bible Library

I am so excited to be starting this journey with you and hope that you are excited too!  So where do we start?  We start at the beginning of course!  So for the next 5 days read Genesis 1-5, one chapter a day.  As you read I would like you to note down a chapter summary.  For example:-

Genesis 1: History of creation – Day 1 to 6

Genesis 2: Day 7 God rested, naming of animals, creation of woman

The chapter summary is meant to help you when you want to refer to back to something you have read before but cannot remember where it is.  For example you know the story of Noah’s Ark is in Genesis but you cannot remember which chapter, so this summary becomes helpful.

My summary (Table 1) based on Precept Ministries studies looks like this with some help from this link Book Charts (Table 2 below has a sample)

Table 1

Genesis CJS

Table 2

Chart of Genesis

You do not have to it like mine, do whatever that helps you understand the word of God.  It’s just that this help me understand where I am in the whole bible timeline.  Try to do the chapter summary as a minimum.

I hope that was not too whelming.  Catch up with you next week!